Business Owner wears many hats.

Business Owner wears many hats. Entrepreneur, manager, worker to name just a few. Those roles often create conflicts in your head. 

First one is a dreamer and visionary, lives in the future and has an extraordinary need for control. 

Second one is very pragmatic, focused on planning, order and predictability. He lives in the past and clings to the status quo. 

Third one is the doer.  “If you want it done right, do it yourself “ is the worker’s credo. He lives in the present and is happy as long as he works on one thing at a time. 

We all have Entrepreneur, Manager and a Worker inside us. And if they were equally balanced, we’d be describing an incredibly competent individual. Unfortunately, experience shows that typical business owner is 10%E, 20%M and 70%W.

If you could watch yourself from the side looking how those different personalities take turns in your head, and how one of them is usually leading, you could understand how devastating the tyranny of your strongest personality is to your life.

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