What should I work on as Business Owner?

With time I have found a few recommendations how to prioritise the work of the Business Owner so I list them below not in the priority order:

  • Eisenhover Matrix. This one was covered in the older post.
  • Do what’s scary. If it scares you, you are onto something interesting. We fear the unknown, and when we do the unknown we learn. So do what you fear most.
  • Your business is growing if you are searching for systemic solutions of yesterdays problems. This means you are able to identify the problems, to analyse them, and do something not to encounter the same problems again in the future.
  • Your business is becoming more resilient if you are testing tomorrow’s possibilities. This means you are scanning the world around you for opportunities and you are testing new things that could be your competitive advantage tomorrow.

Interesting conclusion from the above: if you as the business owner are solving todays problems your business is stagnating.

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