Improving your marketing…

I just had a fascinating insight. Modern approaches to education (Sharon Bowman) list six essential principles about how to make learners process new information faster. Here they are:

Images trump words.

Talking trumps listening.

Movement trumps sitting.

Writing trumps reading.

Shorter trumps longer.

Different trumps same.

If you apply those principles in your marketing, you can get some striking findings. Like if you can get your customers talking about your product, it will be better than if they would be listening to the product benefits. 

Education should put in the learners’ long-term memory some new information and connect it to the old one being stored there already.

The same way, marketing should put in the customers’ long-term memory a connection between your product and its key characteristic, which is essential to the customer.

So yes, we should educate our customers. Remember one thing as education is not about throwing a lot of facts and numbers on the head of a learner. The same way, marketing is not about throwing a lot of product features on your customers. 

That’s why we have as little great teachers as great marketers out there.

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