To partner or not?

You want to start a new venture, and you have to decide if you wish to do it alone or with a partner.

Statistically, we have an approximately equal amount of solo founders and multiple co-founders among successful startups.

Here are a few observations that can help you choose.

Longterm partnership is only possible between equally strong parties. 

You have to spend a lot of energy before entering a partnership, just as with marriage.

Just as in marriage, you enter into a relationship, not because of money but because you believe you can achieve more with this person, and you want to be together.

If you want to have a partner because you can’t do something, its a wrong reason for doing so. You better pay for those services and keep the equity.

People don’t take co-founder because they understand that they can achieve their goals alone, which tells me something about the level of their ambitions ;).

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