Love your marketing.

When a Business Owner talks about his product. How much creativity, attention to detail, interface options, features to implement, development scenarios, development plans, and other expressions of love for the product he shows.

When he talks about marketing, the situation often changes. “Well, we’ll give an advertisement on the Internet”, “we will make posts on Facebook or the Instagram”, “I have a daughter of my friend, and she studies marketing, she will do it”, “if we get funding, we will hire a good marketer, he will do everything”.

When owners fall in love with their marketing as much as they love their products, we will see less failed products. Perhaps the moment will come when Business Owner in a meeting will show on his phone not how their app looks like, but how his advertisement looks. And he will list with enthusiasm, not the features, but hundreds of targeting options.

Remember, a product is not what we do but what we sell.

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