What the customer never tells

If your customers in the B2B market were telling it as it is, I think you could have heard the following conversation.

Seller of something new: Our solution is better than the one you currently use.
Customer: So what? With our current one, we have fewer risks. We know that it works, and not only for us. Your competitor has been in the game for quite some years, while youк young company can die tomorrow.
Where can we hire new employees familiar with your product?
If I get into problems with old and tried solutions that everyone else is using, nothing will happen, but if your new solution does not work, my boss gonna kill me.

Seller of something new: It will be more convenient for your employees to work with our system.
Customer: I don’t care.

Seller of something new: We are automating this area of ​​work.
Customer: Can I fire one of the employees as a result? If not, then for me, your solution is just an additional cost. And it will come on top of the salaries of the employees.

Seller of something new: We will give you a convenient analysis tool and a beautiful dashboard.
Customer: So what? I already know that I have problems. I don’t have enough clients, and my employees do not want to work hard. I will not earn more if you show me this again in the form of a table or graph.

Seller of something new: You can radically improve this.
Customer: How much is it in dollars? How much and on what can I save tomorrow? Why and how much more can I earn tomorrow? Will I have more control?

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