What are you best at?

How is your product better than others? What does your business do like nobody else is doing?
We often do something outside our best competence. We go into the zones of other people’s competencies and fight with weapons that we have little command of because, in the short term, this gives results.
By doing so, we start losing skills at what we are best. We start losing ground and give up the front without a fight. And in the end, we fail.
Because we end up fighting on the ground where we are simply “not bad” with the guys for whom this competence is their key, who are already masters of their trade.
At the same time, we are losing skills and opportunities in the field where we once were best, because we spend our strength and resources on things where we are mediocre.
This is one of the most common mistakes in a strategy that a lot of Business Owners do.
So here comes the question: What are you best at?

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