Achieving your goals

The basis of any goal achievement is the discipline of thought and the discipline of one’s attention.

That’s why to achieve something extraordinary, people often hire a coach. The coach is not the one who teaches you. He or she is the one who helps you in the most challenging task:
To not do anything else, but what’s needed.

Motivating you at the moment is easy. I can give you a fresh idea, a great book, an excellent youtube video, or an inspiring Instagram post, and you are motivated. But then what? For how long will you keep this motivation?

The point is not in what you feel in the moment, but in what you do in the long run every day.

A bunch of people is teaching you mindfulness. Others explain to you that drugs and alcohol are harmful. Even others tell you that exercising every day is healthy. You learn some mantras, learn seven principles of highly effective people, and five steps to epiphany. So what?

Nothing of the things above make sense unless you can convert your awareness into regular daily actions.

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