The only skill needed to live your dream life

What would you like to do if you don’t have to go to work?
Most often, people respond with something like travel, writing books, doing research, making games, making movies, healing people, painting, practicing dancing, growing flowers, etc. With all apparent diversity, it all comes down to creativity, travel, socializing with people, playing sports, and the consumption of others’ creative work.

Why can’t you do all of this now?
Here the answers are pretty standard:
I have to live on something, pay a mortgage, bills, feed my family, etc. So, it looks like the only reason people go to work is to get the money. And why can’t they sell the fruits of their creative work directly to those who appreciate it? Why do you need an employer as an intermediary?

The answers to this question also do not shine with diversity:
I can not. I don’t know. Where will I get customers? There is no stability and predictability. And this unpredictability causes anxiety.

But, if you knew you could get the results with 100% certainty. The effect itself may be better or worse, but you will always reach some minimal level because you know how to do it. You would have reduced unpredictability.

Now, remember, what would you like to do if you do not need to go to work? And imagine further that you are paid for doing this directly by the people for whom you are doing your craft, not an intermediary. Besides, you can accurately predict the results.

What is the only skill needed to make this possible?
You guessed right; you have to know how to sell.

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