No challenge is too big

Today I had a conversation which started with me asking a question: If I formulate global challenges that I want to solve as my tasks, without having enough resources at my disposal to address those issues, how big of a sin am I committing?

Most likely, this is my fear of the situation of David against Goliath that start screaming inside me. Is this a task you can handle?

The answer that I got brought to me many insights, so I share the answer with you. 

Most often, people do not achieve big goals, not because they are not able to meet them, but because they are not able to set them in the first place.

In most cases, at the time of deciding to tackle a large-scale problem, the author does not have resources for doing it.  Thus the problem is not the size of the challenge. The problem is when a big goal displaces a person himself from his attention. Then a person begins to harm himself and others.

If he still sees himself and his place on the path of achieving his goal, then everything is fine. Whether he reaches the goal or not is another question. Anyway, there is nothing that stops you from moving forward. Do what you must, and be what will be. 

Split the task into levels of scale, each of which will be comfortable and joyful for you. Then, whatever size you have mastered will always be right. Write down all possible levels. You don’t know which one you’ll reach. But you will see the stages of scaling. And choose how much you can pull.

Don’t worry about the ret. You are not God almighty, and not everything depends on you. By and large, this is a transition from managing by goals to managing by values. You see the vector and walk along with it. And you don’t know how far you will reach. 

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