Startup as a disease.

At the very beginning, your startup is undoubtedly sick. You have the wrong business model. Your understanding of the target audience is wrong. You have a faulty product. And your goal is to cure everything as soon as possible. You just have to find the right treatment.

As with disease treatment, you can be wrong and start treating the symptoms instead of the root cause. For example, the introduction of additional monetization is a patch with which you try to cure the unusable business model.
Lowering the price by 10–20% or hiring a designer to make your site more beautiful are also incorrect treatments.

Things that work are strong medications and surgery. But those come with a downside. If you take strong medicine but diagnosed wrong disease, you can become much worse. If you do something wrong during the surgery, you can die.

So we conclude, if you want your startup to be cured quickly and reliably, you should try options that can kill it. Check the riskiest hypotheses, don’t apply band-aid or take aspirin. Go for stronger cures. Your startup will either become wealthy and healthy or die. The alternative is to live long while being poor and sick.

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