Starting an offline business

Any business that has an offline location like a cafe, barbershop, or the like becomes a real estate investment case. The only indicator of the effectiveness of any real estate is the profit per square feet per year relative to the cost of this square feet.

If you are going to go with your business case to a property owner, you need to understand that the only thing he is interested in is more profit per square feet than with any other way of using the same property. He does not care whether you plan to open a barbershop, a beauty salon or spa on the same location.

Therefore, when planning any offline business, first make sure how big your expected profit per square feet is going to be and compare it to other alternatives. Maybe you will change your mind about what kind of business you want to start. Because why, when buying or renting the property that you need for operating your business, should you earn less than you could?

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