Four types of investors

There are four types of investors that I have seen through the years.

Financial investors. These guys are only interested in options with low risks. Plus, they want decent liquidity or/and constant dividend payouts. They are happy getting 20-30% returns yearly.

Venture investors. They are looking for options with the possibility to earn at least 50 times their invested capital over 6-10 years. They are ready to accept high risks, but relying on background information like extraordinary founder, growing market trend, unfair advantage, low cost of acquisition, tested and confirmed hypothesis, etc. 

Strategic investors. Large companies who need your product to expand or complement their product or their sales channels. They want to hear an explanation why if they themselves will do what you are doing, they will be worse off then going with you.

Ecstatic investors. These guys invest exclusively in interesting products and in their understanding that they know what could be done with this thing, while the amount of money they have spent on their experiments does not make them shift into one of the categories above or leave this game running out of money.

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