Being pissed off as an opportunity

The life of an average person on 90% consists of reactions. That is, we are not performing actions but react to actions that others do.

We can be offended, upset, pissed off, and we often justify our actions by these reactions.

In fact, both resentment and frustration are processes that occur within us. And those processes do not depend on any external actions. The actions of others can only help launch them. The rest is done by ourselves. We are offended and upset and lose our temper, and the main question that we should be asking is, why are we doing this?

After all, you can choose a different reaction to any action. Someone is offended continuously, while others are impossible to offend.

It is a great skill to learn how to find the causes of what is happening inside us. That is, if you are insulted by someone’s words, instead of blaming others, and looking for the reasons for your poor emotional state in the actions of others, try to ask yourself: “Why does this offend me? What really happens? Why is it so important to me?

The search for this answer can dramatically change your life.

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