A few more words about strategy

A strategy is a trendy word among smart people, which reliably leads them to poverty. I am neither against not for strategy. I think it’s a tool that we must not overestimate and should apply wisely.

You should not think much about “tomorrow” for one reason tomorrow depends on what you are doing today. Your focus should be on today 95% of the time and only 5% on tomorrow. While a lot of smart people have 100% focus on tomorrow and 0% on today. They overestimate the importance of strategy, making a fatal mistake.

The basics of strategy is to sell better, at higher prices, more regularly, and/or to purchase or create the product with lower costs.

You can seriously start to think about the strategy when your growth rate reaches 30% per month and above with more than a million dollars revenue per year. Before that time, it’s not worth it.

You can’t imagine how many promising start-up businesses died because the owner began to think too early about the strategy, instead of selling.

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